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Concierge Services

Here at The Perfect Romance, we are developing partnerships with the best that Louisville has to offer in restaurants, hotels, limo services, wineries, spa's, bed & breakfast, and bakeries (to name a few), which allows us to quickly narrow your search for qualified providers that offer the highest standards of service.

So whether your busy with the day to day or trying to accomplish the ultimate surprise; we are here to extend a helping hand.  Utilize our one of a kind Concierge Services to help put those extra special touches to your occasion.


Types of Services

*  Hotel Reservations

*  Shopping

* Bed & Breakfast

* Room Set up (Hotel/Bed and Breakfast only, no private residents)

* Limo Services


* Errands & Special Purchase (Gifts, Favors, Meals, & Beverage only)


NOTE: Concierge Services are not included in the price of the item or reservation purchased.

** Discount available with multiple services, call for quote.

Concierge Fee $25