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About us..


The idea for The Perfect Romance & Other Occasions  came into existence over 4 years ago after years of planning showers, parties, and anniversaries.  The events were enjoyed so much by my guest that I decided to open my doors to help the public?  So in the winter of 2009, I began my research to find out “What Romance Means to You” by sending out surveys to family, friends, and Facebook.  Need I say my findings were astonishing!  More than 90% of those who participated said the time needed to plan a special event (primarily romantic evenings) was far and few between and that they would do more for and with their significant other if they had the extra help with the planning.

 Our goal at The Perferct Romance  is to be that help mate! To help bring couples, friends, and families back together in harmony and love without the stress of time restraints and planning.  

We would be honored to help you make the memories with your loved ones breathtaking.